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Adult education registration number: E-000273/2014
Registration number for German language training programs: E-000273/2014/C001
Registration number for English language training programs: E-000273/2014/C002


Based upon the general rules of the Civil Code and pursuant to the 2013/LXVII Adult Education Act the teaching of adults is governed by an adult education contract agreement.

Students completing the mandatory school attendance age, (presently age 16) can be considered participants of adult education programs.

Adult education programs with the exception of subsidized schemes are delivered upon a tuition fee basis. Further information on subsidized training programs is available from our staff.

As specified by section 85 paragraph 2, point b, of the 2007/CXXVII Law on Value Added Tax lesson and registration fees of training programs organised according to the specifications of the Adult Education Act are exempt from VAT.

Additional registration requirements and conditions:

If applicant has no previous knowledge of a language they wish to study or requests to join the first lesson of the first module of the CEFR A1 level, the assessment of preliminary proficiency is not necessary.

  • Enrolment into further modules of the B2 level requires either of the following:

(1) the completion of the previous module of the given training program. The respective Certificate cannot be dated earlier than one year.

(2), achieving at least a 60% score on oral and written proficiency assessment test pertaining to the previous module. The respective test should be administered by the given adult education institution.

Certificate issuance criteria:

According to Supplement 3 of the 16/2014. (IV. 4.) Ministry of National Economy Decree the criteria for the issuance of the Certificate of Completion include:

  • Passing grade at the final examination organized by the adult education institution. Passing grade implies a minimum 60% performance in in each module (written test: 60%, oral examination 60%)
  • At least 80% attendance at the lessons of the given modules.
  • If according to the adult education training agreement only one module is completed, the final examination of the given module is considered the final examination of the total training program. After earning a Passing grade at the final examination and maintaining an 80% attendance at the lessons of the module the student receives a Certificate of Completion reflecting the respective language proficiency level.
  • If according to the adult education training agreement more than one module is completed in a consecutive manner, the final examination of the last module is considered the final examination of the total training program. While a Certificate of Completion is based on a Passing grade and an 80% attendance rate as well, upon request the institution can issue a Certificate for each module subject to fulfilling the module specific requirements.

The following adult education services are available at no cost:

  • Assessment of preliminary language proficiency level
  • Assessment of training needs and language training-related consultation

Details about the training programs are available at our customer service office during business hours