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Come and Teach at OXFORD International Language School, Hungary!

The CallanTM Method used in the OXFORD International Language School is the invention of Robin Callan who opened his first language school after 15 years of work in Oxford Street in 1960. In Hungary, the Oxford International Language School is the first to use this method, that is based on conversation.
In small groups the Students have to concentrate constantly because they cannot be sure when it is their turn to speak. The lessons are incredibly dynamic, no time for daydreaming, chatting. The method uses conversation to have the words, grammatical rules memorized, and according to surveys, this method is more effective than traditional teaching methods.

This method is very Teacher-centred, therefore it is clearly very different from the mainstream of the EFL industry, which places more emphasis on task-based communicative activities and Student-centred learning, with the Teacher as facilitator and organiser of lessons. In contrast, lessons with CallanTM method are very Teacher-centred; the Students are focused on the Teacher all the time and the lessons are busy and demanding.

We would like to offer you an exceptional job opportunity in Hungary, in the ’Heart of Europe’!

We offer:

30 working hours (instead of 40 working hours)
full health cover and pension payment from the company
free language lessons including Hungarian, German, French, Italian, Russian
free thermal bath tickets in Eger