M   E   T   H   O   D

The pillars of the maximum efficiency of English language teaching with the Callan™ method:

  • minimum two lessons at each occasion,
  • speech-centred method, there is no moment in the lesson during which either the teacher or the student would not speak,
  • 4-6 member groups on average,
  • the program includes highly qualified, experienced Callan™ trained teachers, among them native speakers as well,
  • Hungarian teachers emphasize the grammatical aspects and help to meet domestic and international language examination requirements,
  • repetition is crucial as the given words and grammar structures are heard and uttered many times for maximum engraving,
  • due to the high number of repetitions there is no need to understand everything at first hearing as the material will become easier as the course progresses,
  • repetition and review is automatic and systematic,
  • starting the Callan Business – module from B1 proficiency level the participants’ business-related vocabulary is expected to increase quickly,
  • The Callan™ textbooks are produced in England and we acquire them directly,
  • We have published an English-Hungarian glossary to the Callan™ textbooks.
  • Each potential participant is given a free assessment of preliminary language proficiency level and can take a free trial lesson as well!

Each lesson contains two 50-minute sessions with a 10 minute break.

The structure of the lesson:

25           minutes conversation,

10           minutes reading,

5             minutes dictation,

10           minutes conversation

The conversation takes place in a question and answer form.

During the reading segment the participant reads and the teacher corrects the mistakes.

The function of dictation is to practice writing and oral comprehension.