The Oxford International Language School Ltd is committed to providing quality language teaching programs with the help of its professional instructor team. The specific language courses are delivered in the Eger headquarters and at the Tatabánya branch in group and individual format in early morning, late morning, afternoon, and evening hours.

Following registration, our associate assesses the participants’ preliminary language proficiency and allocates them into a course matching their knowledge level. In case of group-based programs the participants should have identical proficiency level and curricular interest.

Furthermore, the Oxford continuously offers language teaching programs both individually and in group format for the general public with highly trained instructors and native speakers.

Each person interested in our programs is provided proficiency testing and a trial lesson at no charge!

We offer a special English Club program both for the general public and businesses. Accordingly, participants either at B2 or C1 level can enjoy informal, topic-oriented conversations and improve their existing knowledge in a club-like atmosphere. [This option is available at the Tatabánya branch.]

Preliminary proficiency testing on-line

Foreign language training takes place on individual basis or in a group format in normal, intensive, or super intensive schedules. In addition to responding to individual needs we emphasize the comprehensive development of all skills. Consequently, we use the latest and practice-oriented educational materials.

In order to offer high quality language instruction programs, the Oxford has offered accredited language training schemes in English and German since 2005 and operated as an accredited language training institution between 2006 and 2014. As of 2014 and responding to the relevant new legal environment defined by the 2013/LXXVII Adult Education Act (AEA) the Oxford is registered as an adult education institution meeting the respective specifications.

As an institution dedicated to the education and training of adults we take into consideration the special learning demands, forms, and schedules of that group.


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Adult education registration number: E-000273/2014
Registration number for German language training programs: E-000273/2014/C001
Registration number for English language training programs: E-000273/2014/C002

Oxford was first to become member of the Callan Method Organization Ltd ( in Hungary and after London, Rome, Athens, Madrid, and Tokyo along with hundreds of other cities English language instruction with the Callan method has become available in Eger, Budapest, and Tatabánya as well. This approach is ideal for the development of oral communication and comprehension skills.

Survey results suggest that the method emphasizing speaking as a means for the engraving of new words and grammar rules has proven to be more effective than the traditional teaching approaches. Accordingly, students develop a reliable knowledge base, the question and answer technique helps the cognitive integration of the given sentences and students can respond automatically. Furthermore, the participants become familiar with new words and grammatical structures during each lesson leading to the stabilization of their grammar background. The lessons characterised by continuous review and the maintenance of concentrated attention help the solidification of knowledge.

In addition to highly qualified and experienced native speaking Callan™ instructors Hungarian teachers specializing in the grammatical aspects complete the training scheme. Thus the program meets domestic and international language examination requirements. Moreover, the OXFORD International Language School has published a special English-Hungarian glossary completing the Callan™ textbooks.

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We offer personalized intensive language training programs via providing accommodation and relaxation opportunities. The program carried out at our headquarters in the historical city centre of Eger includes 8 lessons per day. Following the identification of student needs and the assessment of preliminary language proficiency, students are provided a personalized schedule. The program also includes a daily lunch with a native speaking instructor so that participants can apply their knowledge acquired in the classroom in real life circumstances via informal conversation in pleasant surroundings

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We are ready to offer a variety of language training programs for firms and enterprises on location on individual, small group or larger group basis in the business, professional, or general aspects of the given language with regular, intensive, and personalized scheduling. We offer on-location language training programs in Heves County, Komárom-Esztergom County, the greater Budapest area, and in Szolnok, and Kecskemét as well.

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We also provide training programs on-line. Our native speakers and highly trained instructors are ready to help if one’s goal is to improve their position on the labour market, to acquire valuable language competences, or working for a promotion. Our on-line programs are available on-demand regardless of time and location with flexible scheduling. We invite you to learn a language in the convenience of your own home!

Preliminary proficiency testing on-line