The business philosophy of the OXFORD International Language School Ltd

Being committed to high quality language teaching and the first to introduce the Callan™ method in Hungary, the OXFORD International Language School Ltd is dedicated to the following principles:

  • A successful business is based on a win-win situation.
  • Our primary goal is to provide high standard services making all involved winners and to develop proper business relations implying mutual advantages.
  • We strive to retain and further strengthen the high standards of services provided by our Company and improve its favourable reputation.
  • Our goal is to maintain and continuously improve the satisfaction of our clients along with the promotion of stability and the increasing of our market position. We aim to increase our success and further develop our professional results.

The motto of our company, ”OXFORD-quality” refers to the world famous university in England. Our overall objective is providing high quality services both in our headquarters and in our Tatabánya branch to our clients while earning their maximum satisfaction and enabling them to fully meet their goals.

We hope that our achievements, or our OXFORD success will become all of our partners’ success!