The Oxford International Language School Ltd (henceforth: Oxford) has operated in Eger since 2003 and as of 2005 it expanded its operation to Tatabánya. Its headquarters is located in the historic city centre of Eger, while the Tatabánya branch is hosted by Building “A” of the Edutus University.  We provide a variety of services, primarily language teaching, translation and interpretation for our partners.

We are proud of our sixteen-year experience in the arrangement and implementation of language training for firms and our special translation, regular interpretation and synchronized interpretation business developed as a result of the improvement of the respective technological background.  We can serve our clients with more than 100 reliable and professional experts, among them, engineers, native language speakers, and business executive interpreters at home and abroad. Reflecting the professional synergy of language teaching, translation, and interpretation and following the principles of strategic partnership, we can provide complex language-related services at favourable prices to highly acclaimed international companies.

Oxford was first to become member of the Callan Method Organization Ltd ( in Hungary and after London, Rome, Athens, Madrid, and Tokyo along with hundreds of other cities English language instruction with the Callan method has become available in Eger, Budapest, and Tatabánya as well.

Foreign language training takes place on individual basis or in a group format in normal, intensive, or super intensive schedules. In addition to responding to individual needs we emphasize the comprehensive development of all skills. Consequently, we use the latest and practice-oriented educational materials, and our instructors regularly participate in academic training programs and professionally recognized conferences on the methodology of language teaching. As an institution dedicated to the education and training of adults we take into consideration the special learning demands, forms, and schedules of that group.

In order to offer high quality language instruction programs, the Oxford has offered accredited language training schemes in English and German since 2005 and operated as an accredited language training institution between 2006 and 2014. As of 2014 and responding to the relevant new legal environment defined by the 2013/LXXVII Adult Education Act (AEA) the Oxford is registered as an adult education institution meeting the respective specifications.

The regularly performed participant or student satisfaction surveys result in a predominantly positive, over 90%, general approval rate. The respective scores offer proof of the commitment, high level effort, and efficiency of our several native tongue instructors, experienced and highly qualified language teachers, and dedicated customer service associates.

Let us introduce the Oxford team!


Borbála Magda

Borbála Magda

Office manager, manager in charge of quality assurance and professional activities
Tímea Császár

Tímea Császár

Senior training arrangement associate in charge of professional development