The quality assurance policy of the OXFORD International Language School Ltd

The quality assurance declaration as stated below expresses our commitment to:

the continuous assessment, evaluation and improvement of the quality assurance system and the efficiency of our professional efforts while assuming responsibility for the operation and continuous development of the system both at management and employee level.

  • We annually evaluate the performance of the quality assurance system and the realization of the respective quality objectives via the inclusion of management.
  • We make available all resources required for the realization of all quality-related goals and the objectives derived from management audits.
  • We observe and meet the adult education-related needs of our students, employers, associates, and language teachers.
  • We integrate participant feedback gained from satisfaction surveys and corrective activities into the implementation of our quality assurance efforts.


We aim to meet all effective legal and professional specifications via performing our activities in a regulated, controlled, and supervised manner.

Our quality assurance strategy emphasizes meeting client demands and the related training needs at the highest level possible along with transmitting such competences, which enable the respective clients and participants to successfully meet professional demands and challenges.

We expect our associates and external partners to contribute to the continuous maintenance of quality along with raising, discussing, and implementing the respective quality improvement measures.

Since our quality assurance policy is based on client satisfaction, we regularly perform satisfaction surveys and we continuously improve and develop our operation according to the respective feedback.

The overall effectiveness of our activities is guaranteed by a dedicated and highly qualified staff, and appropriate human and material resources.

László Fazekas
executive director